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Ansa Motorsports Racing Update

Ansa Motorsports Racing Update

Ansa Motorsports Racing would like to wish all of our customers, family and friends, and whole racing community a healthy return to racing while facing unprecedented times with COVID-19. Ansa Motorsports remains committed to their racing programs in 2020 and would like to encourage all customers to take part in our racing activities while practicing social distancing measures.  We are happy to announce that all of the crew have remained healthy and active during the last few months. We remain excited and motivated to make 2020 a memorable year despite a tougher than normal operating environment.   


IMSA published its revised schedule for 2020 in late May. Ansa Motorsports will make its return to GT Spec Racing in the Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Series on August 6th at the famed Road America race track as well as race their existing Ligier LMP3 Prototypes. Two cars are available for the entire season and the team will begin track testing in the next few weeks. Team Principal Alain Nadal says, “We are proud and excited to announce that we have added another development semi-pro series program to our menu. We at Ansa Motorsports have always been very supportive of aspiring young drivers. This is the perfect fit given everyone has the same equipment. The cars look menacing, they are fast, and they sound great! We are looking forward to coming back to Road America. It is a great track that will really demand the most of all the competitors and their equipment.”

For car specs; https://squadracorse.lamborghini.com/cars/huracan-super-trofeo-evo 


For the LIGIER LMP3 racecars, the season opener is in our backyard at Sebring International Raceway on July 17th, followed Road America located in the scenic Elkhart Lake Wisconsin just two weeks later on July 31st.  The series then travels to Virginia International Raceway August 21st, Mid-Ohio on September 25th, and Road Atlanta Raceway on October 14th.  Ansa Motorsports is well versed with all of these tracks that will allow driver clients to excel given the massive amounts data acquired last year in IPC. https://www.imsa.com/news/2020/05/15/imsa-prototype-challenge-schedule-to-resume-at-sebring-international-raceway-in-july/

Last year our Ansa Motorsports Racing Team clinched a runner up championship in the IMSA Prototype Challenge with drivers Neil Alberico and Leo Lamelas piloting Ansa’s Ligier LMP3. “It was an impressive result but also disappointing as we were very close to winning it all,” says Alain Nadal Team Principal. “With such a short IPC (IMSA Prototype Challenge) season, consistency in results, and keeping mistakes to an absolute minimum for both team and drivers is the key. We took a careful look and analyzed our performance and we found a few preventable mistakes, which in fact hurt our chances of winning the overall championship. We have taken the necessary measures to ensure the performance of the crew, equipment, and look forward to better performance and results in 2020."


With both development series available, Ansa Motorsports is pushing very hard to offer two excellent racing programs. One program is a Sprint series format with one or two drivers per car, and the other program is their Prototype Challenge which is more focused on endurance and multiple drivers.  

In keeping with our fighting spirit, our focus to win, and our support to aspiring young drivers, Ansa Motorsports signed Danny Formal for 2020 to race karts and cars on our team! With Danny's talent, dedication, we hope to further his career while he helps us run the team as coach, test driver, and co-driver. 

Despite tough economy, Ansa Motorsports will not only push through to make the rest of 2020 a year to remember, but also reflect on the most important things in life which are health and happiness.  

Thank you for your time, lasting friendships, and support!

Patrick-Otto Madsen