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Driver Development Program

Making the Professional Transition From Race Karts to Race Cars!

The Ansa Motorsports Driver Development Program is designed to help young karters 13-19 years old transition into race cars with the tutelage of a professional racing team. 

This program offers the opportunity to sample many of the racing options within one team. From the availability of open wheel cars, prototypes, and GT cars, no other team can equal this diversity. 

This further introduction will lead to test days in cars suited to the future career direction of the junior driver, be it formula car, prototype, or GT. 

Transition and introduction from karts to race cars begins with the following basic steps:

  1. Seat fitting in the chosen car
  2. Explanation of controls
  3. Dynamics
  4. Track Etiquette 
  5. Driver fitness & situation awareness
  6. Goal setting & expectations

This is followed by a supervised lapping day consisting of several hours of lapping, data and video analysis, along with understanding basic car balance and aerodynamics. These sessions are not intended or designed to optimize speed or lap times but to provide a foundation for future test days. 

Test Days

Test days are designed to expand on the successes of the lapping days and further develop understanding of aerodynamics, suspension setup changes as well as tire wear and brake bias. Lapping days include in depth data analysis, video review, and professional coaching. 

Series Specific Testing

Following the introduction and test day, a specific test program for a specific series such as USA Formula 4, IMSA Lites, IMSA Prototype Challenge, and Lamborghini Super Trofeo is available. These sessions are specifically geared to maximize the speed of the driver and intended as the last step into a specific series season long program and championship.